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ISO 9001:2015 Registered  |    920.459.2525


Injection Molded Commercial and Industrial Products

Our company has served the American industrial and commercial sectors with high-quality injection molding services since 1971. Our facility integrates the latest injection molding technology and materials to manufacture the best plastic industrial parts possible.

At Polyfab LLC., we achieve the lean efficiency demanded by today’s industrial sector through cellular manufacturing processes that include our complete injection molding services as well as turnkey product assembly, drilling, and welding. We also offer value-added services, such as custom part decorating, barcoding, and packaging, providing a streamlined, single-source solution for commercial injection molding services.


Commercial and Industrial Injection Molded Plastics

  • Natural Gas Connections
  • Support Bearings and Centralizers
  • Bottle Fillers

Injection Molded Products for the Energy Sector

Polyfab is a leading manufacturer of custom injection molded plastics for the American energy industry. Our company specializes in the production of natural gas connections and various other industrial fittings. We can produce both standard and custom molded fittings to accommodate virtually any customer specifications.

Custom Injection Molded Industrial Bearing Components

Our injection molded support bearing components and centralizers offer precise bearing alignment for an extended service life. Using highly durable specialized injection molding plastics, our industrial bearing products can deliver enhanced smoothness and reliability.

Industrial Bottling and Packaging

We offer extensive experience in the manufacturing of custom molded bottle fillers and related components utilized in industrial bottling and packaging operations. Dimensionally precise and highly durable, our custom bottle fillers deliver the accuracy and extended service life that modern bottling operations have come to expect.

Injection Molded Products for Commercial Manufacturers

Polyfab is also a leading injection molding company serving commercial manufacturers in a diverse set of industries. We offer experience in the manufacturing of custom injection molded products for commercial providers and consumer-facing markets, including plastic engine covers, other small engine and marine components, as well as lawn care and landscaping equipment.

Quality American Manufacturing for Industrial Injection Molded Products Since 1971

For more than 50 years, Polyfab has remained one of the nation’s leading plastic injection molding companies for industrial products and commercial manufacturing. Our mission is to provide the highest quality molded products possible – manufactured to each customer’s exact specifications right here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and delivered on time, every time.