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ISO 9001:2015 Registered  |    920.459.2525


Home Improvement Products, Construction, and Commercial Building Equipment

Polyfab LLC is one of the nation’s leading injection molding companies serving the home improvement sector, construction, and commercial building companies. Our company offers extensive experience in the manufacturing of plastic building materials and consumer home products along with lawn and garden tools, landscaping equipment, and architectural installation components.

Backed by robust quality control processes, including an in-house product testing lab, Polyfab’s injection molding services deliver the superior quality and aesthetics that today’s homeowners and construction industry providers demand.

Plastic Building Materials

Injection Molded Plastics for Home Improvement and Consumer Home Products

Polyfab offers diverse contract manufacturing experience in a wide range of quality consumer home products, including:

  • Exterior home lighting installations – especially low-voltage patio lighting and path lighting accessories.
  • Lawn and garden equipment – including hand tools and power tool accessories, such as lawnmower body panels and plastic engine covers.
  • Various other plastic residential building products and exterior home accessories.

Commercial Building Equipment and Injection Molded Construction Products

Our company’s custom injection molding experience extends beyond the consumer home industry, offering the quality and consistency demanded by commercial building contractors and industrial construction projects. Our commercial contract manufacturing experience includes:

  • Commercial building interior products – including HVAC components, as well as window/door framing and hardware.
  • Injection molded roofing materials, flooring, siding, and wall installation products.
  • Various molded materials for building insulation as well as plumbing and piping products.

High-Volume Manufacturing Potential for the Construction and Homeowner Industries

Polyfab specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality products for the residential and commercial construction sectors. Utilizing highly automated cellular manufacturing with lights-out production capabilities, we can offer 24/7 around-the-clock capacity for high-volume projects. For example, our 500-ton press can produce up to 54,000 uniquely molded products every day. Simultaneously, we offer the customer focus and attention to detail that you’ll only find from a premium American injection molding company.

Our construction and consumer homeowner products are manufactured in accordance with Polyfab’s highly robust quality control system certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Quality American Injection Molding Services Since 1971

For more than 50 years, Polyfab has served as one of the construction industry’s leading plastic injection molding companies. Our aim is to manufacture the highest quality injection molded building products possible – American made right here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.