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Innovation in
Injection Molding

At Polyfab LLC., our goal is to add maximum value to our customers’ highly diverse injection molding projects. From complete cellular manufacturing solutions to detailed part decorating and custom packaging, our full-service capabilities allow us to meet today’s precision requirements while exceeding customer expectations. Since 1971, our company has delivered superior American-made product quality and consistency through innovative injection molding solutions.

Our Services

Injection Molding Company

Injection Molding

Offering automated lights-out manufacturing for around-the-clock production, we can accommodate high-volume requirements while also providing the utmost efficiency for low-volume product runs. We strive to exceed all expectations in quality, consistency, and rapid turnaround time, all while establishing a more robust supply chain for our customers’ uniquely engineered molded plastic products.

Injection Molding Company


Our in-house engineering department can expedite mold maintenance, repairs, and revisions to streamline production. Our collaborative engineering team regularly holds project review meetings with our clients – beginning in the design/prototyping stages and continuing through to manufacturing and delivery.

Injection Molding Company

Tooling and Asset Management

Our facility includes an in-house tool room for the manufacturing of custom injection molds. Then the molds are carefully tested to assure accuracy and consistency of manufacturing in accordance with each customer’s unique PPAP. It can typically take up to 24 weeks to build a custom mold.

Injection Molding Company

Materials Management

Utilizing our robust, well-established vendor network, we ensure a reliable source of all required materials and components for your products. Through real-time monitoring, market forecasting, and just-in-time (JIT) production scheduling, Polyfab achieves a level of lean manufacturing that minimizes your costs and simplifies your supply chain.

Injection Molding Company

Value-Added Services

Our value-added services support our core injection molding capabilities and add to our company’s standing as a single-source manufacturer. Our extensive auxiliary capabilities and ancillary services allow us to meet many specialized product requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers, both in quality and efficiency.

Custom Thermoplastic Injection Molding Supplier of Choice Since 1971

At Polyfab, we are dedicated to integrity, innovation and solutions. It is this dedication that allows us to engage in the most ethical and quality-conscious partnerships possible. By using advanced equipment as well as an expert team, we are able to deliver products that exceed expectations and live up to our commitment.

Managed Inventory Solutions

For customers requiring a managed inventory solution to streamline their projects, Polyfab is able to review daily inventory levels in real time. This enables us to determine the optimum date and quantity of the next shipment without customer interface, saving both time and logistical complexity. Typically, this is done with blanket orders.

  • We assist customers through daily monitoring of their product consumption of high-volume parts.
  • We prepare daily or weekly shipments for customers based on consumption without involvement, releases or communication to predetermined min/max agreements.
  • We utilize a robust IQMS ERP program to maintain all real-time monitoring and schedules accurately and efficiently.

Markets We Serve

Consumer Products

Home and Commercial Building Improvement

Consumer Packaging