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ISO 9001:2015 Registered  |    920.459.2525


Custom Injection Molds, Tooling, and Asset Management

In addition to manufacturing the injection molded products, Polyfab LLC also builds the molds and tooling. Our total process management guarantees quality at every step of the injection molding process.

We work with an extensive tooling supplier partners, many of them within two hours of Sheboygan, to build customized molds. Then they are carefully tested to assure accuracy and consistency of manufacturing in accordance with each customer’s unique production part approval process (PPAP). It can typically take up to 24 weeks to build a new mold.

Our team offers assistance in the total injection molding process – from custom mold design and manufacturing to preventative maintenance, as well as complete mold repair and restoration services. We ensure a smooth, streamlined, and sustainable production process for every unique process by first ensuring a truly optimized tooling solution.

Tooling Design

Polyfab Mold Maintenance / Custom Fixture Shop

  • Mold revision and design optimization.
  • Preventative maintenance for a longer service life.
  • Production of electrode and surface grinding.
  • Complete in-house mold repair and restoration services.
  • Inspection and preparation of incoming transfer molds for production.
  • Design and manufacture of cooling, trim, assembly, and custom fixtures.
  • Custom machined components for customer production.
  • Uniquely manufactured end-of-arm components to support custom automation equipment and automatic production processes.
  • Outsource mold building in accordance with all customer specifications.

Automated Injection Mold Tooling and Equipment

Polyfab also specializes in the design of custom automation solutions for injection molding systems, robotics, end-of-arm tooling, and related equipment. From engineering to integration, we assist customers in the development of highly optimized production equipment that facilitate a more accurate, efficient, and sustainable injection molding process.

Our injection molding automation solutions are engineered to reduce labor requirements and associated costs. At the same time, automation improves worker safety and well-being by handling repetitive, tedious tasks on the production line. Polyfab strives to help customers establish the most efficient injection molding process possible for their products through the engineering of unique factory automation tools and equipment.

In-House Tooling Solutions from One of the Industry’s Leading Injection Molding Companies

Polyfab’s solutions extend far beyond typical injection molding services. We also offer complete tooling solutions to streamline our customers’ projects from start to finish. Since 1971, our company has remained one of the nation’s leading plastic injection molding companies by offering better tooling and better products backed by superior customer service.