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Value-Added Services

Polyfab LLC continually strives to create extra value for our customers. This added value encompasses cellular manufacturing including assembly, drilling, and welding, as well as part decorating or custom packaging.

Our value-added services support our core injection molding capabilities and add to our company’s standing as a single-source manufacturer. Our extensive auxiliary capabilities and ancillary services allow us to meet many specialized product requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers, both in quality and efficiency.

Plastic Services

Auxiliary Services and Supporting Capabilities for Injection Molding

In-cycle assembly – Polyfab provides turnkey product solutions including complete manufacturing and assembly. We utilize in-cycle assembly operations to streamline the product assembly and injection molding processes simultaneously.

Post-mold component assembly – For more complex and/or sensitive product assembly operations, we provide post-mold component assembly services. Whether you require assembly for multiple injection molded parts or third-party component installation, we offer a simplified turnkey solution.

In-mold decorating – Our ancillary injection molding capabilities include in-mold decorating for custom part marking and decorative features. We offer a means to give your products a premium touch without adding additional steps to the manufacturing process.

Bar coding – In addition to custom designs and decorative features, we can provide automatic bar coding.

Logistical support services – In addition to complete engineering and manufacturing services, Polyfab provides logistical support services. These include the procurement and management of raw materials, inventory monitoring and control, as well as ongoing program management once production is underway.

Bulk storage resin silos on railroad spur – Polyfab’s facilities include 13 storage silos for bulk injection molding materials, integrated with our automatic raw material handling system. Our on-site material availability provides our customers with a more reliable source for their products and a more dependable ongoing supply chain.

Complete Component Assembly for Turnkey Product Manufacturing

Polyfab’s turnkey product assembly capabilities are a value-added service that our customers have come to expect from us. Our streamlined assembly solutions enable us to deliver high-quality, fully complete products on demand. Our goal is to save our customers the most time and money possible while removing any extra steps and logistical complications from the manufacturing process.

Complete Injection Molding Solutions and Auxiliary Services

Polyfab is one of the plastic injection molding industry’s leading engineering and manufacturing companies. We strive to provide the best products possible, backed by the most efficient and sustainable production processes available for each application. Based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, our company has delivered innovative American engineering solutions for more than half a century.