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Materials Management and Managed Inventory Solutions

As a full-service injection molding company, Polyfab LLC offers streamlined materials management for our customers, as well as complete managed inventory solutions.

Utilizing our robust, well-established vendor network, we ensure a reliable source of all required materials and components for your products. Through real-time monitoring, market forecasting, and just-in-time (JIT) production scheduling, Polyfab achieves a level of lean manufacturing that minimizes your costs and simplifies your supply chain.

  • Material evaluation and sourcing.
  • Product design support and design-for-manufacturability (DFM).
  • Feasibility and optimization studies including mold, process, and automation evaluation.
  • Advanced quality planning.
  • Product enhancement and cost improvement.
  • Kistler and RJG in-mold instrumentation and process control.
  • Coordinate and expedite mold maintenance, repairs and revisions.
  • Project review meetings with customers – from design to production.
  • Total program management from – concept to completion.
Plastic Materials Management

Material Procurement and Management

Polyfab can assist in all stages of your plastic injection molding project – from the initial engineering and tooling phases through material procurement, management, and manufacturing. By working closely with customers for the entire duration of their projects, Polyfab helps ensure the leanest manufacturing solution possible along with a reliable ongoing supply chain.

Managed Product Inventory and Supply Chain Forecasting

Polyfab is able to review customers daily inventory levels when permitted and determine date and quantity of next shipment without customer interface. This not only saves time but substantially simplifies logistics. Typically this is done with blanket orders.

We assist customers through daily monitoring of their product consumption – especially for high-volume parts. We can prepare daily or weekly shipments for customers based on consumption without involvement, releases or communication to predetermined min/max agreements, thus simplifying your supply chain and overall inventory management process.

Polyfab employs an advanced IQMS ERP program to maintain all real-time monitoring and schedules.

Minimizing Lead Times and Achieving Project Sustainability

Polyfab provides just-in-time scheduling (JIT) and optimized production plans uniquely based on customer demand and consumption. We offer the option to save you time and resources by reducing lead times and quicker speed to market as a result of:

  • Lean manufacturing culture
  • Vendor-managed inventory programs
  • Minimum/maximum controlled inventory
  • Annual blanket orders
  • Total commitment to customer satisfaction

A Simplified Supply Chain Solution for Your Custom Injection Molding Project

At Polyfab, we strive to simplify our customers’ material procurement and inventory management process to establish the most efficient and reliable supply chain possible. Founded in 1971 and based out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, our company has delivered quality American manufacturing solutions for more than half a century.