In order to ensure the highest level of quality, Polyfab LLC uses a full line of automated high precision inspection equipment and hand gages throughout development and production of the injection molding process. In addition, we employ only those certified with the highest level of training.

Quality Lab Capabilities:

  • Technical support and expertise to provide solutions to all part fixturing, programming and inspection needs
  • High speed contact and non contact dimensional inspection systems provide Polyfab LLC with the capability to inspect large and small, detailed, tight tolerance, multi cavity parts
  • Timely and accurate inspection on new and existing products
  • Statistical process control
  • Full production part approval process (PPAP) development
  • Reverse engineering assistance for new product development
  • Inspect, analyze and report on product quality and product capability
  • Design and manufacture inspection fixtures for single cavity, multi cavity and multi family products


Polyfab LLC continues to lead the way with sustaining Lean practices.  Lean removes waste from any process throughout the organization. This is an ongoing process, and a proven way to achieve and maintain it is through developing a Lean Culture.

  • Lean culture is led by respect for people
  • Standard work
  • 5-S
  • Kaizen events
  • Mistake proofing of manufacturing process
  • Set up Reduction

Testing / Inspections

At Polyfab LLC, we inspect and test our products to ensure the highest quality possible.

Our testing includes:

  • Tensile and destructive as required
  • Material certifications as required

Our Inspection Includes:

  • PPAPs
  • Validations


  • Two programmable CMMs with touch probes and high resolution cameras
  • Tensile tester
  • Various hand held gages and devices