Our engineers are experts at ensuring that Polyfab LLC produces the highest quality part at the most competitive price possible. They achieve this with solutions found through lean manufacturing.

In addition, our engineers design and produce the most effective methods to handle and/or trim your products. We design the equipment and process to ensure a part is the same every time.

Polyfab LLC engineers are available to provide the following services:

Engineering Services

  • Material evaluation
  • Product design support
  • Feasibility and optimization studies including mold, process and automation evaluation
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Total program management from concept to production
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Product enhancement
  • Cost improvement
  • Kistler and RJG in-mold instrumentation and process control
  • Project review meetings with customer from design to production
  • Coordinate and expedite mold maintenance, repairs and revisions


Our process includes integrity, innovation and solutions. This means Polyfab LLC is committed to give you the most ethical, quality conscious partnership possible. By using the most advanced equipment coupled with the creative, professional team we have assembled, you are assured products that will exceed your expectations.

Our process is as follows:

  • Idea and concept evaluation
  • Review product design for manufacturability
  • Assist in material selection after application review
  • Design mold for proper cavitation based on product forecast
  • Build mold utilizing solid works and mold flow software
  • Sample mold in production press for customer approval
  • Set up rigorous molding sample to develop stable production process
  • Conduct Production part approval process PPAP
  • Monitor production and maintain that parts and process are to specifications


Injection Molding Automation

Polyfab LLC strives to automate all injection molding projects to minimize hands on involvement, resulting in improved consistency, repeatability, product quality and ultimately the best value for our customers.

This Is Facilitated By:

  • Early evaluation of your product requirements and the opportunities for process improvements.
  • Experienced automation engineers on staff to design and manufacture optimum interfaces and equipment for your product needs.
  • Hands on knowledge of a wide variety of automated secondary operations including trimming, assembly, and flexing living hinges before packaging.

Scientific Approach – Problem Solving

The molding process is developed using a systematic, data driven approach. Those conditions that prevent necessary process control are first identified and corrected. Then, a robust, repeatable process can be established and defined by meaningful plastic conditions, independent of machine settings.

Polyfab LLC is staffed with a Master Molder Certified Process Technician on every shift. Communication between technicians takes place using common terminology regarding specific process inputs and outputs. Because of this, problem solving is a systematic procedure structured around defining the root cause, with actions taken based on knowledge of the process.

Some of the tools Polyfab LLC uses to drive process control and improvement through meaningful data include:

  • Kistler “CoMo” cavity pressure sensing
  • Our Great Employees

Product Development

  • Assist with product design
  • Provide development support and source or supply assistance
  • Feasibility and optimization studies of mold, process and automation
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Product enhancement
  • Evaluate potential cost reduction options
  • Project review meetings with customer during entire process
  • Coordinate and expedite any revisions, mold maintenance or repairs
  • Evaluation of fixtures necessary for project

Product Design Review

  • Application
  • Cost evaluation
  • Marketability
  • Analysis of annual projected product volume to determine cavitation and press size
  • Prototype assistance utilizing single cavity mold

On Site Mold / Fixture Shop

  • Mold revision
  • Perform preventative maintenance
  • Produce electrodes and surface grind
  • Mold Repair
  • Inspect and prepare incoming transfer molds for production
  • Design and manufacture of cooling, trim, assembly and quality fixtures
  • Machine components for customer production
  • Manufacture end of arm components for custom automation
  • Outsource mold building