Customer Care

At Polyfab LLC, we not only create the highest quality part at the most competitive price possible, but we also ensure that our personal customer relationships are unbeatable. We use the highest ethical standards when relating to our customers, offer extreme flexibility, utilize our vast capabilities and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Polyfab LLC takes pride in our customer service:

  • Strong partnership with all our customers
  • Staffed with experts in the field, with high proficiency working towards the goal of the customer
  • Quick change over of molds allows flexibility to schedule changes
  • Immediate response to customer needs
  • Effective leadership from staff members – individuals empowered to make changes to the schedule
  • Promised customer deliveries are not compromised when other changes occur

Polyfab LLC Monthly Measured Metrics:

  • Sales – Value added growth year over year
  • Safety – Lost Time accidents
  • Quality – Internal scrap and customer returns
  • Service – On time delivery measured to customer want date
  • Productivity – Value added per hour worked
  • Financial – Working Capital Turns

Lead Times

Polyfab LLC has the ability to save you time and resources by reducing lead times and quicker speed to market as a result of..

    • Lean Culture
    • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Managed Inventory
    • Vendor Managed Inventory Programs
    • Just in Time scheduling and production based on customer demand and consumption
    • Minimum/Maximum controlled inventory
    • Annual blanket orders

Managed Inventory

Polyfab LLC is able to review customers daily inventory levels when permitted and determine date and quantity of next shipment without customer interface to save time. Typically this is done with blanket orders.

  • Polyfab LLC assists customers through daily monitoring of their product consumption of high volume parts
  • Prepare daily or weekly shipments for customers based on consumption without involvement, releases or communication to predetermined min/max agreements
  • Utilization of Polyfab LLC’s IQMS ERP program to maintain all real time monitoring and schedules


The goal at Polyfab LLC is to be as flexible as possible with our production schedules, to allow maximum support to our customers ever changing requirements.

  • Polyfab LLC is able to insert potential changes from customers in real time scheduling, while they are on the phone
  • Review impact of potential change and provide immediate feedback to customer
  • Quantity and date changes can be reviewed as well as raw material availability
  • Quick change over of molds allows flexibility to schedule changes